Product Information:

1.  Are your products tested on animals? 

Our products are certified Cruelty Free and never tested on animals.  We are proud members of the Leaping Bunny program and can be found in their online directory.


2.  Are your oils scent-free?

All of our oils are extracted using a cold-press process, which means they retain their natural potency and, in some cases, have a mild natural scent.  The scents range from virtually scent-free (Virgin Argan Oil which has been deodorized using a heat-free process to retain efficacy, Golden Jojoba Oil) to mild (Passion Fruit Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil) to slightly more nutty/salty (Rosehip Oil, Marula Oil).

3.  What does a "cold-pressed" oil mean?

All of our Beautifying Oils are extracted using the "cold-press" method: a more time-consuming way of obtaining the oil that skips heat treatment.  Some companies sell cheaper versions of these oils, but the potency is minimized as heat extraction changes the chemical composition and reduces the efficacy.  Created in small batches, all the essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants, and natural (usually very mild) fragrance of our oils are preserved for you in a perfect amber bottle with glass dropper.  

4. Are your products organic?

In every aspect of product creation, we care about production. From where plants are grown to how oils are extracted, to who delivers the product and who handles the product – we are about every detail. That is why we source our Beautifying Oils only from certified organic producers in order to ensure the quality of our products. We also favor Fair Trade certified producers.

5. What should I do if I have sensitive skin?

Most oils are suitable for all skin types. As with any new beauty product, it is a good idea to do a simple patch test first. Place a small drop of oil on your forearm and wait for 24 hours to observe the skin’s response.

6. Should I use these oils as my moisturizer or in addition to my moisturizer?

Always pay attention to what your body is telling you. Whether or not you need to use a moisturizer in addition to an oil depends on your skin type. If your skin is on the oilier side you might need just one or two oils. But even this can change with seasons and the environment. Those with drier skin might use the oil as a supplement and continue to use their daily moisturizer.

7. Can I use more than one oil at a time?

You can absolutely use more than one oil at a time as none of our oils interact with one another. Try different combinations to find which work best for you. Let your skin guide you through the process.

8. Are your products safe to use when pregnant or breastfeeding?

As with any beauty or health and wellness product, consult your doctor, especially when using Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil which although almost scent-free is quite potent. However, our Beautifying Oils were chosen for both their efficacy and gentle effects and should be fine to use; just confirm with your physician.

9. Are your oils Gluten Free?

All of our oils are 100% Gluten Free. 

10. My oil is a different color than I expected.  What color should it be?

Because all of our oils are pure, the color and scent vary depending on the harvest, rainfall, and weather for that crop.  The booklet that comes with your oil should have a range of expected color for your oil.  If you have any questions, please email us at info@koandhumble.com.

Purchasing Information:

11.  Where can I buy Ko & Humble Beautifying Oils?

Our Beautifying Oils are now available for sale online and in fine stores.  Please check the Products tab for purchase links.  

12.  Where can I find the expiration date for the Ko & Humble Beautifying Oil I ordered?

The batch code and expiration date for your oils are found on the bottom of the bottle.  However, because the oils are pure and natural, we highly recommend using them within six months of opening to ensure maximum potency.   While some companies sell large bottles of their oils to create the impression of a discount, we don't think the consumer receives value from subpar freshness.  We sell only in quantities of reasonable use.  For optimal freshness, store in a cool, dark place and do not put fingers in the bottle.

13. What if my oil is out of stock?

Because we want to stay current and provide fresh and pure oils every time, we try to manage our sourcing and avoid situations where oils can easily go rancid. Due to this important philosophy, it is possible that your oil of choice can go out of stock. If this happens to you, please contact us so we can find a way to meet your needs.

14. What is your return policy?

Please feel free to return your oil within 30 days of purchase for any reason if you’re unsatisfied.

Company Information:

15. Does Ko & Humble give back?

Our company prides itself on our partnership with Fresh Start Women’s Foundation, an organization transforming the lives of women through education and engagement. Even before we purchased our first ounce of oil, we began supporting this great charity. If you are a woman in need, or know a woman in need, please reach out to this organization for help. We also encourage you to support them directly: http://www.freshstartwomen.org

16. When will Ko & Humble come to my area?

We would love to come to your area! For all wholesale inquiries, please contact Kate at kate@koandhumble.com

17. Will there be new Ko & Humble products in the future?

You’ll be excited to know that new products are on the horizon. Keep an eye on the website and social media for future news. 

18. How can I contact Ko & Humble or stay up to date on the company?

We love when our customers interact with us. Please contact us here and follow us on our social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Shipping Information:

19.  Shipping in the US; how soon will my product be delivered?

All orders are shipped via USPS and you will receive the tracking information after your order has been shipped.  Please allow between 2-5 business days from shipping date for delivery, delivery varies by zone.  Please make sure that the address you provide us is an address at which you regularly receive packages.

20.  Shipping outside the US; how soon will my product be delivered?

We have only recently started International Fulfillment and we cannot control delivery times outside the US.  Please allow two weeks for delivery of your item (although most often they arrive faster than this).  Please make sure you provide an address at which you regularly receive mail; some countries require customs duties to be paid, and/or a signature for an item from overseas.  Shipping charges outside of the US cannot be refunded after attempted delivery has been made.  Please email us at info@koandhumble.com with any questions.  As a small NYC brand we are doing our best to provide our products to customers all over the world and we strive to make you receive your items on time!