Last Days of Summer, Vacation Beauty Part 1: Skin, Hair & Eyes

A vacation feels especially sweet as we try to savor the last few weeks of summer. So, ladies, why not also find ways to escape your normal beauty routine for the week? Whether you’re exploring the fountains of Rome, touring the Mayan Ruins in Belize, or soaking up the sun at an Australian beach, vacations are a great time to keep it easy and try something new. And with phones always nearby ready to capture these new experiences and places, we want to make sure we feel great about ourselves for every picture.  

1. Leave the Foundation at Home.

    During the day while you’re lounging by the beach or sightseeing, let your face breathe a bit with a simple tinted moisturizer. There’s no reason to cake on the foundation to achieve perfection: you’re not giving a presentation in the boardroom; you’re busy exploring new places. Stick with this easy product that allows your natural skin to shine. Great options include: Cellularose CC Cream or Chantecaille’s Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer , which uses a non-toxic mineral sunscreen.

    2. Go for the Wild Eye

    Since you’re not rushing to get ready for your workday, why not experiment with a bold cat eye? You’ll have time to patiently perfect your liner’s thick swoop before dinner. If you’re feeling even more daring, the runways are showing that variations of the typical eyeliner will be big for fall/winter. Or maybe try experimenting with new eye shadow colors you wouldn’t normally choose. Have fun; your boss won’t be there to monitor your wild-factor.

    3. Go for the Simplified Skincare

    Trying lots of new and specialized skincare products when you’re at home can be great, but there’s no reason to bring extra steps with you on vacation. Stick to your necessities and multi-use options. Maybe bring Jojoba Oil to use as your makeup remover and moisturizer for both face and body. Then add in a good cleanser, toner, and SPF, and you’re good to go.

    4. Go for the Easy, Breezy Hair Care

    There’s no need to waste precious vacation time on styling your hair for hours. Instead, go for the fun beachy look. A sea salt spray can add texture and body to either damp or dry hair in a few spritzes. Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray even comes in a 1.5 oz bottle, which is airplane carry-on approved. Or try using a flatiron to create quick, messy beach waves (see a helpful video tutorial here).

    Try shaking it up a bit next time you take a vacation. The point is to feel happy, so try the things that make you happy within your beauty routine. You will have plenty of time to worry about what colors and styles are appropriate when you start back to work. Have fun while you’re on “vacating” life for a few days


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    Lips - 3 Step Beauty Treatments for a Youthful Look

    We use them for eating, chatting, and puckering up for a kiss, but lips are an often-neglected area on the face. While we’re busy reducing fine lines or calming breakouts, we may forget that a simple way to add youth and freshness to the face is by keeping our lips hydrated, smooth, and ready for that perfect shade of lipstick. Here are three ways to treat your lips right: 

    Step 1 - Exfoliate Regularly

    One of the best ways to keep lips flake-free is regular exfoliation. After washing your face, you can use the wet washcloth to gently remove dead skin from you lips. Or try an exfoliator. The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ ($24.00) is a great product to leave lips soft and smooth. 

    Step 2 - Hydrate Correctly

    Most of us know that licking our lips actually dehydrates them, but also remember conventional chapsticks don’t moisturize so much as they create a barrier that prevents moisture from escaping. If you want to try to find some serious hydration, try dabbing coconut oil straight on your lips throughout the day. It’s safe, inexpensive, and adds a light tropical scent.

    Step 3 - Protect Wisely

    Just like we slather sunscreen on our cheeks and shoulders, it’s also important to keep the skin on our lips from burning. Before a relaxing day in the sun, ditch the shiny lip gloss that can actually attract cancer-causing rays and pick up a balm with SPF. Juice Beauty’s Lip Moisturizers ($15.00 for trio) have SPF 8 and only use natural, chemical-free sun protection.



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    Dewy Skin - The Art of Facial Massage

    Here’s Why You Should Have a Facial Massage

    Facials may just be the holy grail of skincare. When we get those lovely facials, we often receive a relaxing facial massage in addition to the other treatments. Maybe we thought a facial massage was only to pamper our overly tired faces, but it goes far beyond a feel-good indulgence.

    A traditional skincare step in Asia for thousands of years, companies such as Shiseido have long been using facial massage techniques as part of their pampering treatments.  

    Facial massage can:

    • Improve circulation
    • Increase fresh blood and oxygen flow
    • Ease muscle tension
    • Detoxify the lymphatic system
    • Bring hydration
    • Aid in the appearance of fine lines
    • Ease puffiness
    • Relieve congestion
    • Create a feeling of relaxation
    • Leave skin glowing

    As an added bonus, the ability of facial massage to ease stress is a great anti-ager in itself.   Reduce stress and look younger: it’s a win-win.

    You can enjoy a facial massage during a facial, and even many high-end massage therapists are now incorporating the technique. But there is no requirement to make an appointment to reap these benefits. A little self-care goes a long way. Jojoba oil works wonderfully for an at-home facial massage.

    1. Distribute the oil evenly and begin making slow, gentle circles around your face. Try a downward motion for the forehead and an upward motion for the cheeks/chin.
    2. Stop at facial pressure points including the temples, inner points of the eyebrow, and outer corners of the nose.
    3. Sweep in one motion from the inner point to the outer point of the under eye while applying a gentle pressure.
    4. Don’t forget the ears and neck

    For a more serious/nuanced approach take a look at these key pressure points for skin health. As always we always recommend speaking with your doctor regarding massage, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

    Even giving your face three to five minutes of facial massage attention can be great.  Adding facial massage into your routine, be it in the office of a licensed massage therapist or in your own bathroom, is a smart, pampering, and healthy skincare choice to make regularly.


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