9 New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

2016 has just begun, sparkly and beautiful.  The symbolism of a fresh start is great for everyone desiring to make real change in life. In fact, nearly half of all Americans make New Year’s Resolutions each year.

But here’s the sad truth: only 8% of people admit to being successful in their resolutions. This is typically because they make a conceptual idea, but they are not sure how to break it down into feasible segments that can be sustainable all year. After all, it may sound great to lose 20 pounds, but what does that process look like every day of the year?

Here at Ko & Humble, we want to help you take manageable and concrete steps in your beauty regimens for this new year. We have nine fabulous New Year’s Beauty Resolutions, and we want you to pick a few that resonate with you. Make it your mission to consider these lifestyle changes.

  1. Take off makeup every night

This is a hard one especially when the night has been very good. To keep up on this resolution, purchase a few multiuse products nearby that make the process quick and easy (like Jojoba Oil). Quality makeup remover wipes can be a great option too.

  1. Pay attention to your skin

Make it your mission to let your skin do the talking. Notice when it needs more care or if reacting to something. Take time to really examine your skin frequently and even keep a diary of things that could be aggravating your issues.

  1. Try something new

You can have lots of fun with this one. Try new makeup, a new way to style your hair, a fun new skincare product. Have fun and don’t get stuck in the same beauty rut. Maybe add one new product a month, or try one new makeup trend or hairstyle each week. Bright blue eye shadow will be huge for spring; you could start there!

  1. Wear sunblock every single day

We only get one face; we need to protect it. Making an intentional goal to remember sunblock every time you leave the house can keep your skin beautiful, safe, and more youthful throughout your entire life. If you wear makeup everyday, it can be easier to buy a product with a safe SPF, like this “Just Skin” Tinted Moisturizer.

  1. Keep up on nails

When we are busy, one of the first things we can forget about is our nails. Yet, well-kept nails are one of the biggest confidence boosters and a simple way to feel feminine. If you don’t want to make a weekly trip to the salon, make it your goal to give yourself a manicure once a week and to remove your nail polish once it starts to chip.

  1. Perform weekly facial massages

Not only are there numerous health benefits with facial massage, but also the act itself is a tremendous method for self-care. Make this great me-time activity a weekly ritual with a great oil, like Jojoba oil. Find one day a week that you know you can perform these massages for a few minutes.

  1. Go heat-less once a week

The constant use of heat styling can cause real damage on your hair. Going heat-free even once a week can offer significant benefits. Let your hair air dry and sweep it into a cute bun, or twist your damp hair into a side braid.

  1. Switch out one toxic product a month

It’s safe to assume that most of us would prefer a great natural product to a chemical-laden one. Yet, many of us have hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars worth of these products on our counters. If you don’t want to go out and buy all new beauty products, replace one empty product each month with a more natural option.

  1. Find peace with your beauty

So many women look in the mirror and hate what they see. We have been conditioned to believe that beautiful women only look one certain way. Not true! The best thing we can do for our beauty this new year is learn to actually see it. In some Eastern philosophies this is called the Inner Smile.  Start by taking a good, long look at yourself in the mirror. Write down three things you like. When you see things that you do not necessarily like and begin with that destructive negative self-talk, catch yourself and replace that thought with a positive affirmation:

I am beautiful inside and out.

I am a gorgeous being.

I love that I get to exist on earth in this body.

My mind, my body, and my spirit are lovely.



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Makeup Trends For Your Holiday Party

The holiday season is party season. We all know that holiday parties come with a more heightened sense of fashion and style than most other parties throughout the year. This festive time calls for the best dresses, the most dazzling shoes, and the latest and greatest in makeup.

With your upcoming holiday work parties, friend gatherings, and family reunions, we want to keep you up-to-date on winter makeup trends that could not be more perfect for your special event.

  • Winter Berry

    While summer can keep its warm tones, like coral, winter is the perfect time to pull out all of your cool berry shades, a color that can look great on many parts of your face. A dark berry or burgundy shade on your eyes could be just the right color for your party. In fact, it’s the perfect color to enhance your regular smoky eye, a trend that is, once again, hot this season. A berry blush is the perfect way to wrap up the wintery look.

    And don’t forget your nails! Berry nails were big this fall and will be a great look for the holiday party.

    Try Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow in Black Plum for that berry smoky eye. Nars’ blush in Sin is the perfect light berry hint to brighten your cheeks. Deborah Lippmann’s Miss Independent nail color is great for berry nails.

    • Blue Eyes

    This spring will be bringing in a big trend of vibrant blue eye makeup (think cobalt). If you would like to show the world (or at least the other partygoers) that you are up on all the latest style trends, you might want to break this one out a couple months early. Now, don’t think 80s right now; this is a sleeker look. You can try a blue eyeliner to start subtly, or you can go big by filling in your lid up to the crease.

    Mac’s Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner in Petrol Blue is a fantastic deeper shade that may seem less scary. Nars’ bright Matte Eyeshadow in Outremer is for the bravest of us fashionistas out there!

    • Dark (really dark!) Statement Lip

    We’ve all, undoubtedly, tried the bright red lip for the holidays. It’s always a solid choice. But this year, if you’d like to shake it up a bit, you can try an extremely dark wine color. Black lips were a big hit in this fall’s runways. While black may be a bit extreme for your office party, you can use it as inspiration and courage to try a darker shade than you’d normally buy.

    Remember to keep the rest of your makeup a bit tamer when you put such emphasis on single part of your face.

    Try Yves Sait Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in 205 Prune. Or, if you’d like to use a stain that stays on all night, Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain in Blackberry Sorbet is lovely.

    • Strong brows

    Thick brows are hot right now. Think a little less wax and tweezers and whole lot more eyebrow gel to keep those unruly hairs in place. For your holiday party, try filling in your brows to a slightly fuller thickness. Of course, just because thick and filled-in brows are trending doesn’t mean that eye brows should become overgrown; they should be kept to a nice shape.

    Anastasia’s Brow Powder Duo is the perfect tool for filling in those brows. Their Tinted Brow Gel can help hold the hairs in place without making them look stiff.

    Prep your skin for an evening out with moisturizing Marula Oil  


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    Is a Sense of Play the Best Anti-Ager?

    What if each of us slowed down a second and started thinking about anti-aging in a new way. What if the choices we make with our attitudes and hearts had more to do with anti-aging than any cream or serum ever could?

    Let’s take a stroll down memory lane (farther stroll for some than others) and go back to a time when the fear of aging was the farthest thing from our minds. We were kids. Kids are often only thinking about one thing – “Can I play now?” Maybe that right there is the key to keeping us young.


    Kids play because that is what they are designed to do. Kids want to laugh, build things, run around, dress up, and play make-believe. They are innocent, imaginative, and full of wonder. They see the world as a big, beautiful place full of possibilities.

    This is because they haven’t realized yet that the world is ALSO a big, scary place full of heartaches and dangers. And all those vast possibilities? Some of them are flat out terrifying. We know this now because we’ve lived long enough. Time is the ultimate teacher. Once we realize that the world is hard, we so often lose our sense of play and trade it in for responsibility, safety, a guarded heart, practicality, seriousness, hardness, bitterness, and even cynicism.

    Naturally, those aren’t the qualities of youth; those are the qualities of an old person. This is what ages us. We try to diligently fix the lines our faces, but what if we changed the lines on our hearts and minds first?

    The trouble is we cannot undo what has been done. We cannot erase the difficulties, the pain, the terrible experiences, and loss.   As the Milton wrote, “Innocence, Once Lost, Can Never Be Regained. Darkness, Once Gazed Upon, Can Never Be Lost.”

     So what are we to do?

    We must demand our sense of play back. Our imagination. Our laughter and wonder. If the world will offer us negative experiences, we cannot also allow it to take our sense of play. The poet Jack Gilbert wrote, “We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world.”   Instead of becoming serious and cynical because the world is hard, we can become playful for the same reason – because the world is hard enough already!

    We play with make-up

    But at the same time, the world is also deliciously good, and it still offers positive, wonderful possibilities. We can adjust our outlooks and attitudes to reflect that truth. It does not mean we forget reality, throw out wisdom, or toss all our responsibilities to the wind. But we change our response to all that the universe hands us: with the good, we celebrate, and with the bad, we choose that stubborn gladness and play anyway.

    Maybe the best anti-aging serum does not come in a bottle. Maybe the best anti-ager is play – doing fun things simply because you enjoy them, not because they serve a higher purpose. Laughing because something was funny. Goofing off because it is amusing to do so. Throwing parties with those you love. Dancing. Singing. Making sand castles (or maybe just relaxing in the sand watching kids build sand castles!).

    We can bring back our youthful sense of play without losing our experienced sense of wisdom. We can stay soft and sweet while still recognizing that there are very real things in this world that are anything but playful. Maybe our greatest act of rebellion against an often-harsh world is playing anyway.

    So, yes, go ahead and buy your cosmetic tonic for youth, and some of our oils are wonderful for this. With frequent use, you will find your skin firming and the appearance of your wrinkles decreasing. But also reach back and find what made you youthful from the very beginning - what made your inner child or inner teen be filled with wonder and excitement. Then do that thing. Play a bit.


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