Brooklyn Dreaming; Independent Spirit and Design

So some big news this week!  With so much of the team here, we always wanted Dumbo to be the first place to find a retail partner.  This neighborhood located on the Brooklyn waterfront has some of the most interesting galleries and cafes, and dramatic views of New York City, like this one here:

We could not be more thrilled to work with Trunk, a boutique that stands apart for its independent spirit.  Full of innovative designs in fashion and jewelry (all locally sourced), and founded by three artists, it is a must-see destination for those visiting our gorgeous neighborhood.  Trunk is the kind of store you want to keep coming back to, as things are always fresh and there is a story behind every brand and every object.  

So... the next time you are in Brooklyn, and want to come back with something made here, come visit!   And tag us on Instagram to let us know!  

that's us in the window!that's us in the window!


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