Winter Dry Skin and Face Oils


Winter may bring about plenty of magic –holidays, gorgeous snow, beautiful views, and family time – it can also be less than magical to your skin.  The dry outside air and heated inside air can leave your face flakey and dull while enhancing every fine line and wrinkle and even increasing acne production.  Not fun.

Any oil type can have winter dryness; this happens when the skin’s natural moisture barrier is disturbed with dryer air (from indoor heat) and cold gusts of wind.  Although we love our skin, let’s face it, who among us has the wherewithal to have an indoor humidifier on at all times?

Before you give up on the winter skin, know there are a few ways beautifying oils can really benefit your dry skin during this time and keep the winter magic alive.

One great way to combat this dryness is to layer skincare, particularly your moisturizers.  We typically bank on one heavy-duty moisturizer to do all the hydrating work, but sometimes our skin needs more than that.  Layering is a common practice in Korean beauty routines (that can often have upwards of 12 steps in their skincare regimes!).  They begin with the lightest hydrating product and then get heavier.

A great way to use this concept in your everyday wintery life is to begin the hydration process with an oil.  Since oils absorb instantly, they make a great first moisturizing step (of course, this all comes after cleansing, toning, exfoliating, using treatments, etc.). 

Passion Fruit Seed oil is a nice option since it is an antioxidant rich anti-ager that can rehydrate and make the skin plump up.  It is also non-comedogenic and can improve the skin of those with acne problems.  Once the oil absorbs (which will happen nice and quickly), you can apply your moisturizer on top of the absorbed oil for a well-hydrated face.

Another great tool for those with dry skin this winter is Sea Buckthorn Seed oil.  This is a concentrated oil that is extremely helpful in nourishing dry patches.  Beyond boosting hydration, it also helps restore and calm damaged skin.  Since it absorbs easily, you could use an extra moisturizer on top for extremely dry skin.

Try adding in oils to your nighttime moisturizing routines to really remedy your winter dry skin.


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