Lips - 3 Step Beauty Treatments for a Youthful Look

We use them for eating, chatting, and puckering up for a kiss, but lips are an often-neglected area on the face. While we’re busy reducing fine lines or calming breakouts, we may forget that a simple way to add youth and freshness to the face is by keeping our lips hydrated, smooth, and ready for that perfect shade of lipstick. Here are three ways to treat your lips right: 

Step 1 - Exfoliate Regularly

One of the best ways to keep lips flake-free is regular exfoliation. After washing your face, you can use the wet washcloth to gently remove dead skin from you lips. Or try an exfoliator. The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ ($24.00) is a great product to leave lips soft and smooth. 

Step 2 - Hydrate Correctly

Most of us know that licking our lips actually dehydrates them, but also remember conventional chapsticks don’t moisturize so much as they create a barrier that prevents moisture from escaping. If you want to try to find some serious hydration, try dabbing coconut oil straight on your lips throughout the day. It’s safe, inexpensive, and adds a light tropical scent.

Step 3 - Protect Wisely

Just like we slather sunscreen on our cheeks and shoulders, it’s also important to keep the skin on our lips from burning. Before a relaxing day in the sun, ditch the shiny lip gloss that can actually attract cancer-causing rays and pick up a balm with SPF. Juice Beauty’s Lip Moisturizers ($15.00 for trio) have SPF 8 and only use natural, chemical-free sun protection.



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